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My name is Kay

Home grown and raised in Southern Indiana.

Since I was a child art, nature, and animals have filled my life. I've worked closely with animals for my entire professional career whether in a daily care, medical or an educational aspect. I am very excited to have the time and energy in this phase of my life to open myself up to provide animal portraits to you! 

Our pets occupy a special place in our hearts and after witnessing the heartfelt reactions of people seeing their pets come to life on paper, I decided to extend what I can offer to everyone. I feel honored to be able to become such a small part of a love that is so very large. Thank you for stopping by and I will encourage you to check out the 'See What's Going On' page to see what I do and how I do it!

Any questions can be submitted through the message prompt located at the bottom of the 'Home' page.

Meet the Family

Animal Edition



"Amazing Grace"

Gracie is the resident "good dog" always seeking to please and give lots of kisses when beckoned.



Penny is our geriatric love-bug. She loves to nap in her spot on the couch but on a sunny day you can catch her outside sun bathing like a pro.



Sheba is our newest pack member. She plays hard but loves (and snuggles) harder! She gives us our daily dose of laughs.



Harry is as majestic as this photo leads one to believe. His eyes see into your soul and his charming aesthetic would sway even the grumpiest of curmudgeons to give him a scratch behind the ears.


"Gerthy Gerdy"

Silvie is a mood. She stays to herself hiding among the shadows by day but comes out to serve her nightly duties as her human's emotional support snuggle companion to ensure warmth and sweet dreams.

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